7 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is an absolutely necessary task. There is no reason to ignore this maintenance, which can be done quickly. Here are the 7 reasons why you have to clean your gutters.

1. Rapid Degradation of Gutters

Excess weight caused by filled or clogged gutters causes an accelerated degradation of your gutters. Well-maintained gutters have an extremely long life span compared to neglected gutters.

2. Damage to the Foundation

The main purpose of gutters is to keep water away from your fondation. When your gutters are blocked, it is impossible to do so. This will cause an overflow of the gutters and excess water to flow to the foundations of your home. Water can move and split the ground near the foundation, this can cause cracks in your foundation. In extreme cases, water damage can actually cause a structural failure in a home. To avoid this damage, take the time to make an appointment and have your gutters cleaned by a professional.

3. Flooded Basement

The more you leave your gutters clogged and dirty, the more water can accumulate around the foundation of your home. As the water flows on the side of your house, it will eventually spread to the walls of your basement. When this happens, there can be mold, bad odors, water infiltration and eventually flooding. Avoid having to face a flooded basement only caused by clogged gutters.

4. Damage to the Roof

When your gutters are full of debris, rain water cannot flow down so it begins to accumulate. Any shingles that come into contact with water will deteriorate faster than the rest of your roof. Your insulation will also be soaked and you will end up with water damage on your ceiling. To avoid damage to the ceiling, insulation, shingles and roof, be sure to clean your gutters every year.

5. Unwanted Bugs

Dirty gutters full of leaves, debris and standing water look like a good meal for some pests and insects. Animals like birds, squirrels, mice and mosquitoes will come to your house to party. When the weather starts to cool, these insects can enter your home through cracks in your roof or foundation. With an abundant food source just outside, there’s no reason for them to leave. All the more reason to have your gutters cleaned every year.

6. Damage to Landscaping

Heavy rain can be a good thing for your plants, but heavy rain with clogged gutters can have disastrous effects on your landscaping. When the rain has no where to go, your gutters will overflow and excess water will end up on your landscape. This excess water can wash off topsoil and sand, and even kill flowers, shrubs and trees. If you want to save your landscape, be sure to have your gutters cleaned.

7. Accumulation of Ice

If you leave standing water in your gutters long enough, it will eventually freeze. The extra weight of the ice can cause your gutters to be damaged quickly. Excess weight on your gutters will also damage your soffits and fascia and may cause your gutters to collapse. Take the time now to plan a gutter cleaning so you don’t have to book a whole gutter replacement appointment.

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