Are Gutter Guards worth the cost?

Having your gutters cleaned every year can become expensive over time. You have to look at the gutter guards as a long-term investment for your house. Depending of the area of the house, maintenance will not be required every year if you have gutter guards. The leaves fall on the gutter guards, then they dry and fall off with the winds. For homes located in wooded areas, it may be difficult for the wind to push the leaves off the gutter guard, or there may be a lot of leaves on top of the gutter guards. Maintenance is still necessary, but not often times not every year. Houses located in wooded areas who have no gutter guards need maintenance several times a year if they want to have functional gutters at all times. This is rather difficult to do since leaves almost always fall in the wooded areas.

It’s so easy for a gutter to clog up. Whether it’s a few leaves, thorns or even a tennis ball. When you have your gutters cleaned and there are a few leaves left in the trees, they may well fall back into the gutter afterwards. A gust of wind and other leaves fall back into the gutter. The gutters may not be full of leaves, but the few leaves that have snuck into the gutter will then go down with the rain stream towards the downspout. Afterwards it can be plugged very easily. The hole of the downspout is very small. A few leaves above it and it acts completely like a bath cap. Subsequently, the gutter can fill with water and cause overflows. This is very bad for your gutters, roof, fascias and foundation. By having a gutter guard, you always avoid overflows for sure since the drain can never be blocked. That’s another advantage of having gutter guards!

So not only will you save money long-term on gutter cleanups, you’re sure that the downspouts will never clog up and cause overflows. So in your opinion, is it worth the cost?

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