5 Determining Factors for a Gutter Cleaning Price

Height of the Gutters

Many residential homes are only one or two stories high so a standard 32 foot ladder can safely access the gutters. However, for larger houses and buildings, a 40-foot ladder is required. These ladders are very large and may require additional labour to secure and mount them properly.

Access to the Gutters

When the acess to the gutters is difficult, it can make the cleaning difficult. For example, a gutter where the ground below is not stable or in a slope. Or if there are obstacles to the ladders. All these factors determine the gutter cleaning price.

The Type of Roof

Roofs that are steep are not walkable and have an impact on the time it takes to clean the gutters. We must continually move the ladders around the house and go up and down instead of walking on the roof to access the gutters. This has an impact on the price of cleaning gutters.

House Surface

Larger homes take longer to clean due to the increase of the gutter lenghts, which reflects in the cost of gutter cleaning.

House Sector

Houses that are located in neighborhoods with a lot of trees have gutters that are alot more filled. For example a house with only 1 tree around will have far fewer leaves compared to a house located in the forest. However the gutters of the 2 houses can be clogged since it does not take many leaves to clog the gutters and create overflows.

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